Management Consulting

At Kiksapa Consulting, LLC, we advise Boards of Directors and Senior Level Executives in areas of strategic institutional planning, development and implementation. As experienced executives, we understand the management discussions and decision making that occur at the Board level. We also know how to implement those challenges throughout an organization. As consultants we have assisted institutions in identifying critical areas that make up sound institutional practices. You get both the experience of an seasoned executives and the broad perspective of a consultant with Kiksapa.

Climate Change Planning and Adaptation

Climate change is the single largest and most complex challenge facing humanity today. This global phenomena affects all sectors of society. Kiksapa provides comprehensive planning and adaptation solutions to offset the impacts due to changing climate. As experienced scientists in environment, atmosphere and water resources, we understand the threats that climate change pose on your resources. At Kiksapa, we know how to assess your risk to changing climate and how to how to help you develop sustainable strategies to offset the impacts from a changing climate. With Kiksapa, you get trained scientists working on adaptation solutions for you.

Geospatial Technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing)

Kiksapa is proud of its Founder and President for being appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC). NGAC was formed by the Secretary of Interior to work with the Federal Geographic Data Committee to provide guidance and advice for developing the National policy for geospatial data; the Geospatial Platform. Kiksapa understands that geospatial data, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing, are powerful tools for problem solving and are the industry standard for any data that involves attributes and maps. Kiksapa's technical team has over 30 years experience working with GIS and Remote sensing for research and monitoring. From monitoring rangeland response to grazing and drought, calculating fuel load in forests, monitoring land use / land cover change, and population sprawl, we have the geospatial expertise to meet your needs. We are versed in National policy development as well as local, regional and national applications of geospatial tools. Kiksapa also has a broad network of seasoned scientists that work in many disciplines that require geospatial applications. Our expertise and our network can provide you the geospatial resources you need to effectively and efficiently manage your programs.

Environmental Research and Monitoring

At Kiksapa we have over 30 years experience in science research and monitoring. From monitoring water quality standards, rangeland assessments, forest management, wildlife and ecology, our scientists can help you develop and implement rigorous research and monitoring protocols. At Kiksapa, we understand that good decision making requires comprehensive and accurate information. We can help you develop and implement research and monitoring protocols that generates the information you demand to meet your management goals.

Institutional Strategic Planning and Accreditation

Our technical team at Kiksapa understand the need to have solid, comprehensive planning to sustain your institution into the 21st Century. As executives and trained professionals, we provide professional strategic planning services to meet your institution's goals. If your college is going through the accreditation process, Kiksapa can help. Our staff has extensive experience working in academia including Tribal Colleges and Universities, and public institutions of higher education. From developing course catalogs, writing self-studies to accreditation site visits, we understand the rigor and importance of meeting high accreditation standards. Kiksapa has the expertise to meet your strategic planning and accreditation needs.

Science Education

At Kiksapa we have over 30 years experience in science education and academia working in Tribal, Public and Private institutions. From Environmental Science, Ecology, Biology, Mathematics and other science disciplines, we have the experience and expertise to meet your demand for rigorous scientific standards. We develop science and mathematics curriculum. We mentor administrators, college faculty, K-12 teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students. Through our extensive agency networks we can facilitate rigorous and rewarding internships and sabbaticals for your undergraduates, graduate students and faculty. We can provide the highest quality science education services to meet the needs of your institution. With Kiksapa, we bring our experience, our knowledge and our networks to bear to provide the quality scientific education your institution demands.

Special Education

At Kiksapa we have on staff a highly trained and certified special education professional. With over 12 years experience working in Reservation schools, juvenile corrections education, and public schools, our trained special education professional can design and adapt programs to meet the diverse needs of individual students. We provide teacher and parent inservices, presentations, and can align curriculum to State and National standards. We have experience with emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, ADHD, and Autism.