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What is Kiksapa?

Kiksapa (Pronounced: "K'eek sah pah;" – meaning: to council; to advise – Lakota) provides assistance in areas including management, Emergency Operations Support (Hazard Mitigation, EOP, COOP and CWPP), environmental science research and monitoring, climate change planning and adaptation, institutional planning, geospatial technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing), science education, and special education services.

Kiksapa leverages its extensive science, technology, planning, and educational experiences along with its broad network of seasoned technical professionals. The result is a consulting team ready to enhance your program effectiveness and enterprise value.

Kiksapa is proud to be recognized by its clients for high ethical standards, superior performance, and quality services. Its creative and innovative solutions are designe to improve your institutions performance today and into the 21st Century.


Dr. Bull Bennett Discussing the Climate Assesment
and climate change impacts on Indigenous
Peoples, Lands and Resources.

National Climate Assessment: Indigenous Peoples, Lands and Resources chapter
from The Story Group on Vimeo.

Read more at Indian Country Today and
the National Climate Assesment Homepage 


2017 NASA REU ELO Tribal College Speaker Series


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